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Transition Services

Zeno provides Fund fiduciaries with comprehensive multi-asset class coverage of the trading activity associated with portfolio
transitions and rebalances. Coverage includes equities, foreign exchange, and fixed income.

As a Registered Investment Advisor and specialist in evaluating trading processes, Zeno is strategically positioned to assist asset owners in navigating the complex marketplace known as Transition Management. We offer several levels of service that range from pre-trade and post-trade analytics to strategic planning and transition manager selection. These services are delivered as a fiduciary and are presented by a team of consultants that average over 20 years’ experience.

Zeno’s Pre-Transition Analytics help establish realistic cost expectations, identify potential areas of risk, and provide the critical information necessary to craft prudent transition strategies.

Zeno’s Post-Transition Analytics provide a comprehensive review of a transition manager’s execution efficiency and performance for the aggregate portfolio, as well as individual stocks in a secure environment free of conflicts of interest.

Zeno’s Transition Consulting service provides Plan Sponsors/Pension Funds and other asset owners with an independent and conflict-free end-to-end solution in managing their transition process. This service combines our proprietary analytics and consultative focus to help Fund fiduciaries manage all of their transition-related risks. For each transition this includes:

  • Pre-transition planning and risk management
  • Cost estimation (including worst-case scenarios)
  • Identification of potential transition managers
  • Transition manager bid solicitation and awarding
  • Oversight and monitoring of transition

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